Paia, Maui - Hawai'i


Everybody loves Paia!
Paia has to be many things to many people.
It has to be the "last real stop before Hana" to the travelers heading that way.
It also has to be the biggest little town on Maui's North Shore for the locals who live in the area.
It also has to be (well, maybe not has to be, but is) a gathering place for those of the artistic persuasion.
That is what truly gives Paia it's charm.

In this melting pot you'll find surfers and wind-surfers, locals, "kama'aina" (transplants), hippies (yep! they still exist.... in Paia), small business owners and shop-keepers, tourists, and even some "normal" folks peacefully co-existing in the warm sunshine in this small town with an international vibe!

All within a one mile radius, you can get a facial with organic products; or a tattoo; shop at the best little health food store on the planet; go to the beach; check in with your attorney or your realtor; rent a surfboard; or check your email at Haz Beanz Coffee Shop on the way to mail your packages and postcards.
Or perhaps you need gas for your car, a pair of shoes for your feet, or art for your home.
Check, check, and check. Paia's got you covered.

And then there are the restaurants. Just like the rest of Paia, it's restaurants are impressive, varied, and unexpected finds.
Some of my favorites are Cafe Des Amis, Paia Fish Market, Flatbread Pizza and Anthony's Coffee Company to mingle with my "peeps" and breakfast-up after a morning beach walk.
For that special, over-the-top night-out, there's world renowned Mama's Fish House just up the road in Kuau.

The nightlife may be a little on the low-key side, but just because it's low-key doesn't mean it's not high-fun.
Check out Charley's for live music and sports and The Green Banana Cafe for a great mix of outstanding coffee, art and music (try the Hawaiian sea-salt iced-coffee yummy).

If you are lucky enough to be staying at one of our rentals within walking distance of Paia, there really is no need to get in your car. Although, unless you have been to Maui before and have seen all the beauty this island has to offer, I don't recommend that. But it's nice to be able to leave the car alone for days at a time if that's what you desire.
And if you want to leave the car alone but still travel outside of Paia, try the Maui Bus... it rolls right through town!

For a fond look at the old Paia, captured in the work of talented water-colorist Eddie Flotte, accompanied by his music... a love song to Paia...