MAKENA - Oneloa (Big Beach) & Pu'u Ola'i (Little Beach)

Sunrise.... and Sunset

Sunrise at Makena, Maui
Makena Beach....what a gem!
Wide, pristine, expansive, and even though many more people are enjoying its exquisite beauty now than in the days not so long ago when you had to drive down a long dusty desert road to get there....
Sunset at Makena, Maui Makena

Even though there are now parking lots, port-a-pottys, and luxury resorts within easy reach,
that element of the wild still lingers. ANYTHING can happen at Makena!

From a nearby promontory
Makena, Maui, Hawaii

this is the view looking toward Makena Beach from the south.
In front of the pu'u (hill) ....the second dark mass in the photo are able to see the white, sandy stretch of Big Beach.
The West Maui Mountains can be seen beneath the clouds in the background.
Makena's Big Beach - Oneloa Beach -
Big Beach - Oneloa - Makena, Maui

Looking toward the south from the base of the pu'u.
It's a lovely sunrise or sunset walk along this magnificent beach.

Little Beach - Pu'u Ola'i Beach -
Little Beach - Pu'u Ola'i - Makena, Maui
Famous for it's "clothing optional" status, body-surfing, boogie-boarding, skim-boarding, and surfing.
At sunset on Sundays the "Drumming Circle" is an interesting and popular event.
Sunset begins at Little Beach - Makena, Maui
from Little Beach
Sunset at Little Beach - Pu'u Ola'i, Makena, Maui