Hana, Maui - Hawai'i


Hana is not a destination, it is journey.

Leave LOTS of time for meandering along the narrow winding road.... crossing 52 bridges.... taking in the soft scent of white and yellow ginger patches.
Seasonal fruit litters the roadways providing feasts for a variety of birds and insects.... and they will share with you!
you get an inkling of Eden.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Bradda IZ

Leave LOTS of time for stopping at the many roadside stands along the way and sampling their local delicacies.... fresh fruit smoothies, sugar-cane juice, coconut water, banana bread, mango bread, fresh flower leis, whatever's in season. The one thing that they all have in common is that their offerings come, if not from their own back-yard, from neighboring back-yards.

Leave LOTS of time for stopping for the breath-taking beauty of tropical abundance.... views out across the azure Pacific, rainbows, bamboo forests, waterfalls gushing into roadside pools, taro patches in Kaena'e.

.... and please take note: You will most likely be going slower than the local folks on the road, so please keep an eye on your rear-view mirror for faster moving vehicles, and pull over in the cut-outs to let them pass. You will get BIG appreciation for that!

I guess you know that Hana is not for everyone. If you are looking for McDonalds, or 24 hour Whatevers, or constant sunshine, or nightlife.... you will be very disappointed in Hana!

You come to Hana because it might rain,
because you want to be close to Nature
and because you want your heart opened and your soul refreshed.

Because of Hana's generous nature, she is easily exploited.... so please be careful when you come here. Leave your baggage behind, come with a naked mind and Hana will teach you how to Live.