Ha'iku, Maui - Hawai'i


Although Ha'iku is most often pronounced like the Japanese poetry style, the Hawai'ian pronunciation is actually ha-EE-koo, so I'm going to write it like I'm supposed to, to help us remember.

Ha'iku is about 15 or 20 minutes from Kahului Airport - OGG - and spreads itself like a verdant glow over Maui's North Shore with fingers reaching into "Upcountry" - that vast cooler region with magnificent views that reminds one of the California countryside.
Ha'iku is lush, green, and a tad cooler than Pa'ia, with the infamous Hana Highway passing right through it's coastal regions.

It's populated by a social cocktail of down-home country-folk, old "local" families that still retain traces of Hawai'ian blood, artists, musicians, gardeners, Spiritual seekers, new-agers, upward-mobility entrepreneurs, mis-fits, and a few toe-the-liners thrown in for good measure. Lately sub-divisions, gated communities and estates have sprung up among the gardens and roosters.

The Catholic church and the new-age Temple of Peace Healing Sanctuary rub elbows a few steps from the town center where you'll find a surviving mom and pops store - Fukushima's.
Toma Garage and 96708 Post Office are other seemingly solid landmarks in the changing expressions of Ha'iku.

Haiku's restaurants are as varied as their clientele, and include Colleen's, for an international flair (Ha'iku style, of course); Hana Ho with a French owner, live music, and a mix of cuisine that includes Hawai'ian. Across the street there is vegan (Veg Out), raw Maui Kombucha, and local grinds (Lynn's).
Hidden down a little lane you can find Sushi in the evening sharing space with "The Daily Grindz". And speaking of sushi Nuka is sushi beyond compare! How's THAT for "Ha'iku"!

You can rent a bike, work out at the gym, pick up some great finds at the Thrift Store, and catch the Maui Bus all the way to Lahaina or Wailea if you want to.

Ha'iku is about 10 or so minutes to Paia and lovely sandy beaches for windsurfing, surfing, and all sorts of water play. All around are areas for hiking, waterfalls and natural pools. This is the area that most tourists don't get to see.